Useful Websites

This website has some good links to help navigate the IRS. The highlights of this website are getting transcripts, tracking the status of an amended return, checking the status of your refund, making an Online Payment Agreement and an Offer in Compromise Pre-Qualifier.

This website has some good tools to calculate certain tax situations.  The calculators assist with Withholding on Form W-4, Self-Employed expenses, claiming dependents on a tax return, determining which forms are required for filing taxes, education credit qualifications and determining what tax bracket a taxpayer is in.

This website has some good calculators to calculate financial planning situations.  The calculators assist with deciding the amount of a 401(k) and IRA Required Minimum Distribution, how much to save to reach a specific amount, estimating to how much Social Security benefits a retiree will receive, how fees and expenses associated with a variety of funds can impact the value an investment, how fees and expenses associated with a 529 plan impact the investment in the plan, and learning more about an investment professional’s background.

Interactive Tax Assistant (ITA)

Takes a taxpayer through a series of questions and provides responses to tax law questions. The website has a topic search feature.

This is a great financial literacy website. There are eighteen tools on this website. The better ones include; calculating what personal budget reductions are worth if they are invested, how much 401(k) contributions and employer match contribute to retirement, what an investment is worth after taxes + inflation, credit card payoff and a few other good ones.

This website helps in dealing with identity protection: prevention, detection and victim assistance.

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