Accountant, Bookkeeper or Quickbooks – What to Choose When

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Congratulations on making the decision to take the reins of your business with proper accounting! Whether you own a start-up or a multi-national corporation, whether you are based in Deerfield Beach, South Florida or in the suburbs of Kendall, you have realized how inevitable, a strong foundation of financial records is for the success of a business.

But whom should you hire? A bookkeeper or an accountant? Or perhaps you could just use Quickbooks and save the big bucks! This overview should dispel all your doubts.

The Beginner’s Guide to Good Financial Record Keeping

Consider the following factors when deciding among an accountant, a bookkeeper or Quickbooks software.

Stage of the Business

When a business is in its infancy, do yourself a favor by at least consulting with a CPA. Many business owners find their initial consultation with one of our CPAs invaluable. The one or two tips that help to minimize expenses, pay lower taxes and even protect the business from legal pitfalls during the first year are well worth it.

Size of the Business

As a business grows larger, so do the things to account for. This is when hiring a bookkeeper to record transactions in a sensible format makes sense. Hiring a bookkeeper will assist in managing the business, understanding profit centers, and cheaper tax return preparation at year end.


Based on the industry the business is functioning in will determine the level of accounting services required. Does your business need a caretaker or a strategist? When the answer is the latter, then an accountant it is needed. We are conveniently located on Hillsboro Boulevard in the Cove Shopping Center- Deerfield Beach, Florida. We regularly handle complex business scenarios all over South Florida.


Accountants often come at a higher per-hour rate than bookkeepers. We also have some experienced bookkeepers that are very cost effective vs hiring a bookkeeper.

What about Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is an accounting-system software package used by small and medium sized businesses. The software is developed by Intuit Inc and is good. However, the quality of reports delivered by Quickbooks is only as good as the information put into the software.

These are the features of the latest version of Quickbooks.

  • Available anywhere – as long as there is internet!
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Can be used in single-user mode or multiple-user mode
  • Comprehensive search filters based on vendor or customer type
  • Increased security with Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Old or deleted records are archived

With the advent of computer technology into all industries, human effort has been greatly reduced. Quickbooks can be used by anyone with a minimum knowledge of accounting and basic computer skills. Someone who is looking for a quick fix without having to make a large investment of money, then this is your best bet.

Fortunately, Safe Harbor Accounting is here to assist with bookkeeping and accounting. We are committed to our clients

To everyone in Deerfield Beach and South Florida we hope you make the most out of the situation. Well, there you have it, food for your thought. Happy accounting!

Managing Partner

Peter Rudolph CPA

A CPA with experience in accounting, tax preparation and financial management. Specializing in IRS Representation and Accounting with Quickbooks. Twenty five years of experience often makes the difference. Our firm will help take your tax and accounting circumstances to the next level.