Small Business Accounting

Small Business Accounting

Safe Harbor small business accounting servicesEvery business needs to have an excellent bookkeeping system if they are going to be successful. This is especially important for smaller businesses that need to keep close tabs on their finances as money is tighter. Be careful to ensure there is a relevant bookkeeping system in place soon as the business is opened. This will ensure transaction information is captured in a high quality manner. The price for this accounting advice will be worth it. We are conveniently located on Hillsboro Boulevard in the Cove Shopping Center- Deerfield Beach, Florida. We regularly handle complex transaction recording scenarios all over South Florida.

The reality is that an excellent bookkeeping system will help the business stay afloat, discover new areas where to earn money, and save lots of time when it comes to compiling the tax returns. These are just some of the tips that can help you with your small business accounting.

Getting a Checking Account

Of course the business needs a checking account. The business may consider creating a savings account, a great place to store extra money for a rainy day fund. When a new company chooses where to bank there are some additional benefits to consider before choosing a bank for your business.

Benefits vary by institution and there are several distinctions about the way information is presented to the banking client. Here are a few benefits to consider:

  1. Does the institution put pictures of the checks on the statements?
  2. Does the institution allow the business to deposit with a regular scanner instead of using a phone app or paying for check scanner from the bank?
  3. How many transactions are free every month?
  4. How far back in time can the banking client download transactions from their bank into file formats like Excel or Quickbooks?

Accounting Tasks

Organizing accounting tasks on a regular basis is crucial to setting up an excellent bookkeeping system. Everyone understands checking cash balances at the beginning of the day. After this, the business owner should decide how every transaction is going to be carefully recorded. This is can be done manually however; this task is much easier with accounting software like Quickbooks.  Quickbooks is a good step to setting up an excellent bookkeeping system. However, the Quickbooks reports are only as good as the information that is put into the software.

Keep copies of your receipts, invoices, and credit card statements. This information can be very useful later on in case of audits.

Another aspect business owners need to be very careful with is the amount of money owed to vendors. Management should regularly analyze the bills from vendors to ensure the bills are paid on time. Setting up vendors in Quickbooks is a little more complicated than it seems and this is an area where we can be especially helpful.


We cannot emphasize enough the importance of an effective and meaningful bookkeeping system. Small businesses in Deerfield Beach and South Florida need to know just how important accounting is and that we can help. Keeping careful records and a close eye on the money that is coming in and leaving your business will make such a difference in your company’s bottom line.

Whether your company hires a person that specifically handles the bookkeeping system for your business or your company hires an outside CPA firm, getting professional accounting services is crucial for your small business accounting.

To everyone in Deerfield Beach and South Florida we hope you make the most out of the situation. Remember, Safe Harbor Accounting will offer our years of experience to assist in or organizing your small business accounting.

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